Episode Guide

Ep 8: Law and Disorder

AIRED: Feb 1 10/9c

Ep 7: Big Trouble in Sin City

AIRED: Jan 25 10/9c

Ep 6: He's Fast, She's Furious

AIRED: Jan 18 10/9c

Ep 5: War Of The Rosie

AIRED: Jan 11 10/9c

Ep 4: This Little Piggy When to Mediation

AIRED: Jan 4 10/9c

Ep 3: The Belle and the Bachelor

AIRED: Nov 18 10/9c

Ep 2: Zen and the Art of Marriage Maintenance

AIRED: Nov 11 10/9c

Ep 1: Two Wrights Make a Marriage Wrong

AIRED: Nov 8 10/9c