Porsha Williams: "I Am On Cloud 9 With Dennis"

Porsha Williams dishes on her new man and how she's rekindled her relationship with NeNe Leakes. 

All is good in my world! I finally have myself a “unicorn” man (I said I would, didn’t I?) and my “big sister” NeNe and I are back and better than ever!

It’s easy to put insignificant, silly stuff behind you when life shows you what is truly important. I am so glad that I can be there for her when she needs me, whether it’s to lean on me or to just be silly together so she can forget her worries.

NeNeand I really had so much fun together that day at Swagg, laughing like we always used to laugh. How funny was that two-piece outfit that she had me try on? I love anything that shows off my booty just as much as I love laughing with her!

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And Porsha's jumpsuit has NeNe laughing out loud.

I know NeNe so well...she is a tough cookie and she’s putting on a brave face, being strong for Gregg. I want to make sure she’s taking care of herself, too. I have faith that God will keep her strong. Their family is always in my prayers.  They are each other’s everything and their relationship is something that I admire so much. I hope Dennis and I can always be as strong together as NeNe and Gregg are.

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I am on Cloud 9 with Dennis. He is everything that I’ve ever hoped for. He’s a strong, hard-working, successful black man. I mean, did I hit the jackpot or what? I’ve never had a connection with anyone on this level before and I don’t want anything to get in the way of what we have...which is why I didn’t want him meeting any of the ladies in Miami just yet. We are in our own little world right now and I don’t want anyone messing up our wonderful time together.

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