Kate Chastain Has an Idea of How Chandler Brooks Can Be Better at His Job and It's Oh So Sassy

Nearly the entire Below Deck crew has something to say about the bosun.

Chandler Brooks doesn't seem to be doing so hot in his role as bosun this season of Below Deck, as he's clashing with crew members like Rhylee Gerber and experiencing the wrath of Captain Lee Rosbach

The hits just kept on coming for Chandler in this season's most recent episode — five, to be exact, according to our Bosun Blunder count in the Below Deck After Show, above. But it was the moment when Chandler wasn't responding to Captain Lee's radio requests that really sent the Stud of the Sea over the edge. "My patience level was probably almost transparent at that point," he said during the Below Deck After Show. "Anger? I wasn't mad. Disappointed? Sure. Did I want him to do better? Yes. Was he listening to what I was telling him? No."

Just about everyone in the M/Y Seanna crew had an opinion on where Chandler went wrong with his work. But Kate Chastain actually has a simple one-word solution for how Chandler can be better at his job. It's so fierce, you're just going to have to see if for yourself in the video, above. 

Will Chandler be able to turn things around in an all-new episode of Below Deck Tuesday at 9/8c? This preview clip doesn't exactly have us feeling optimistic...

Below Deck
Captain Lee Wants Chandler Brooks to Wake Up
"I don't want to see deer in the headlights."
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